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With the cascading of new obligations from directives such as SGX, EU Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence Directive (CSDDD) and the German Suppy Chain Act, businesses in South-east Asia will likely be required to conduct environmental and human rights due diligence across their operations, subsidiaries and value chains. 

Consultancy & Training Services

  • Building and improving on systems, preventive and remedial measures, and ensure that ESG reporting demonstrates compliance of the key standards, and, builds trust with stakeholders.Research and analysis on various aspects of business and human rights, including international and domestic laws and regulations pertaining to human rights.

  • Assessment of the human rights impacts of business operations, policies, and practices, and evaluating the adequacy and effectiveness of existing policies and procedures.

  • Developing and implementing human rights policies and procedures for businesses, including due diligence measures, remediation processes, stakeholder engagement strategies, and human rights impact assessments.

  • Providing training and guidance to business executives, managers, and staff members on human rights principles, best practices, and legal requirements.

  • Conducting audits and assessments of human rights compliance, and providing recommendations for improving business practices and addressing human rights risks.

  • Advocating for human rights in business contexts, both within businesses and in the public sphere. This may involve engaging with stakeholders, participating in public consultations, and collaborating with other organizations and advocacy groups.

  • Monitoring and reporting on human rights issues in the context of business operations, and advocating for greater transparency and accountability in business practices.

  • Develop a positive gender policy and strategy to for operations, processes, stewardship of investees which is rooted in participatory and human-first approaches.

  • Conduct Gender, Equity and Human Rights Risk Analysis and Impact Assessment

  • Supporting with grievance complaints

  • Training on communication tools including the use of and importance of white papers, press-releases, positions statement, fact-sheets, country analyses and thematic reports to communicate ESG issues, impacts and recommendations to stakeholders.

  • Advisory on integration of gender and human rights into philanthropic grant-making, impact investing and business practices.

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