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International Human Rights Law 

International Law on Women's Rights 

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2016     Admitted as Advocate and Solicitor of  Supreme                     Court of Singapore 

2015     Bar Professional Training Course Part  B, Singapore               Institute of Legal Education, Awarded 1 Distinction

2014     Bar Professional Training Course Part A, Received                 from National University of Singapore 


2013     LL.M, School of Oriental and African Studies,                       University of London, Awarded Distinction


2009     LL.B, University of Warwick Awarded Upper                         Second  Honours


Clients: US Government, UNESCO, UNICEF NATO, UN Women​Government of Afghanistan (Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Higher Education, Ministry of Defence) et al

Donors: European Union, German Agency for International Cooperation (GIZ), German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development Services (BMZ), Heinrich Böll Stiftung (HBS), Swiss Development Cooperation and Agency et al

  • ​Developed and reviewed Human Rights and Gender Strategies, Policies, SOPs, Risk Mitigation and Security Policies and plans, roadmaps and governance guidelines and documents (for institutions and Ministries).

  • Conducted fact-finding missions, and, interviewing stakeholders to examine State compliance with international standards from a gender-sensitive and trauma-informed perspective (Afghanistan, South-Sudan, Brazil, Colombia, Vanuatu, Kenya, Pakistan, Nigeria, Argentina etc...).

  • Submitted thematic reports to the UN Special Rapporteurs Offices and UN Treaty Bodies. Commented on international gender policies including UN forthcoming General Recommendation on women's inclusion in decision-making, International Criminal Court Policy on Gender and sexual violence. 

  • Advised institutions on grievance mechanisms, and redressing negative human rights impacts and access to remedy. ​​Built Quality Assurance System on the same. 

  • Developed communications strategy and collaterals on variety of human rights issues from factsheets, country reports, press-releases, articles, mini-documentaries, radio programs, TV announcements, for high-level engagement with UN and governments. 

  • Submitted expert legal opinions to courts in United Kingdom, United States and Switzerland, on the human rights laws of Libya, Syria, Pakistan and Afghanistan on specific cases and issues. ​​


  • Trained institutions on international human rights standards in practice.


"Ms. Latiff has been at the forefront of fighting gender-based violence in Afghanistan, taking on highly complex cases whilst strengthening institutional accountability and response."
Nema Milaninia, Special Advisor to the U.S. Ambassador for Global Criminal Justice

"I have met young Singaporeans who started their own organisations in Singapore, and even a very rare few Singaporeans who did this in support of humanitarian or development issues overseas. Yet I have never met a Singaporean who has taken on such difficult and demanding human rights issues in such challenging external contexts as Natasha has done.“
Paul Broom, 
Director of Political Affairs

British High Commission Singapore

She has a passion and enthusiasm for law, an ability to collaborate with different personalities and with authorities, a commitment to social justice, and a genuine understanding of the intersection between law and culture. In my view, she is the kind of lawyer that the world of today and the diverse realities of our time need.” Dr Ziba Mir-Hosseini, Professional Research Associate Centre for Islamic and Middle Eastern Law, School of Oriental and African Studies

2021     Awarded lifelong member of 1880 Private Member's                 Club in Singapore.

2016     Trust Women Conference Scholar, Thomson Reuters                 Foundation, U.K.


2016      Arthur C. Helton Fellowship, American Society of                    International Law, U.S.

2016      Human Rights Defender Scholar,  International                          Service for Human Rights, Geneva 


2013      Outstanding Pro Bono Project, School of Oriental                      and African Studies, University of London, U.K.

2010      Outstanding Individual Contribution to Pro Bono,                      Attorney General of the United Kingdom


2010      Research Fellowship, Lexis Nexis, Washington D.C. 


2010      Women Human Rights Leadership Program,                              Karamah, Washington D.C. 


2009      Undergraduate Research Scholar, Warwick Law                        School, U.K. 

2009      Clinton Global Initiative University Scholar, U.S.


2008      Undergraduate Research Scholar, Warwick Law                        School, U.K. 


2008      Clinton Global Initiative University Scholar, U.S.


2006      International Scholar, Warwick Law  School, U.K. 

2004     Best Academic Performance, St                                                   Michaels' College, U.K.

2003     Youth Ambassador, UNIFEM, Singapore



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