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We won a landmark case compensation case!

I am working with a team of lawyers on several high-profile and strategic cases.

One was a case of sexual harassment at a sports club. Multiple defendants, multiple claimants. Yesterday, we were awarded compensation for the girls, public apology, and restoration of the girls' contracts. The compensation awarded was truly momentous. I could not be more proud of lead counsel. She did a fantastic job. It was tough to get the Court to award it. Huge amount, the first in Afghanistan to be done in criminal court. The judge made allllllll kinddddsss of excuuuusseessss not to have her court order compensation.

The stuff we are doing is new in Afghanistan. All trial and error. At first when I trained the lawyers, they said: impossible, impossible in Afghanistan. Everything is impossible in Afghanistan! But someone has to start somewhere. The lawyers have the privilege to submit before court. Only they can do it. So yesterday, several months after battling the impossible, we won this landmark case. The sports club will have to think twice about sexually harassing the women's team again. 



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