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The lawyers

Yesterday I met with lawyers from the provinces to discuss their cases, successes, challenges post the training I did with them several months back.

Some lawyers did some very interesting things with what I taught them. What was lacking was consistency and so I am here to figure a structure for quality assurance. Nonetheless, it was powerful what they were able to create, with a little more belief, strategy and training. Hearing their personal stories and struggle, taking the time to reflect with some of them, I was sensitive in my emotion repeating constantly: well done, such a great job. Well done, you did such a great job.

One of the lawyers I work closely with .....she is so perceptive. She remembers things I say in passing and applies it in her work. I was sharing with her a trauma-sensitive approach to handling young victims of rape; to help them testify, use drawings to point to what happened to them, instead of asking victim to express verbally. She did it with one of her cases. I told her: you are perceptive and its such a subtle skill to have.

I was impressed with the lawyers from the provinces. One of them has a light in her, an air of freedom about her. Yet, when I saw her tell off one of her lawyers, I could see she was such a firm person, a real lady boss. And so eager to learn, breaking off lunch early just to catch up with me.



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