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Green City

U.S. military expands green city. More road blocks, checkpoints, maze of large blockades. 

Truth is: their presence, wherever they may be, makes a place more threatening.

I worked for U.S. military/embassy couple times. I have been to two of their military camps too. They make Afghan workers (cleaners, fixers, cooks) line up in a line, one soldier at the top of line, one soldier at end. And that's how they move. Like how I used to in primary school. I come from first world, so no line up for me. 

Green city is highly fortified. To meet, you have to arrive 1/2 hour in advance to go through all checks, all the while a soldier sitting in his post with his gun pointed in your direction. 

Americans are nice people, warm, creative, expressive. I admired many I met.

But I still said: how you line up Afghan workers, it is despicable.  Security, its for security. Well yes, that justifies discrimination. 



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