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Campaigning to stop "bacha bazi" and the recruitment of young boys. I led a campaign for t

The campaign was part of a bilateral agreement with the UN to combat the use of children as sex slaves, in particular, the use of young boys by powerful men to dance and be auctioned off for prostitution "bacha bazi" - or used as suicide bombers.

As campaign lead, I worked with the government, NATO and UNICEF to execute a media strategy to announce the prohibition, market an under-used reporting procedure, and, communicate the message to Taliban and Haqqani Network.

We developed radio programs and print media which we distributed nationwide. To reach Taliban and Haqqani-held, we placed huge billboards along major roads bordering their areas and collaborated with local radio stations to make the announcements.

Shortly after the campaign, the UN removed Afghanistan from its blacklist.

In 2017, I contributed to the new Penal Code to criminalise "bacha bazi". In February 2018, "bacha bazi" was criminalised under the new Penal Code.

"Bacha bazi" remains an issue.


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