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Assessing a victim’s risk of further violence

Some victims need urgent police protection, safe shelter and medical attention. Use this tool to quickly assess victims’ needs and hasten the decision-making process.

This tool has been simplified but it can be customized to include checklists, forms and reference to laws. To use tool, think also about your workflow:


> When do you conduct the assessment (at which stage of the victim’s journey)? (Risk factors may change during the course of a case. Be prepared to address them.)

> Who fills out the tool and makes the recommendations?

> Who reviews and approves the recommendations?

> Who follows up on the recommendations?

> When referrals are made to external agencies, who are the focal points (and what are their contact details)?

> For actions that require applications (or petitions), where are the precedents of those applications stored on the server?

> Once the application (or petition) has been drafted, who reviews and approves the application?

> What is the indicative timeline for the above?


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