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"She is creative in her guidance of our lawyers in their cases. She is filled with interesting ideas showing her exceptional command and expertise in Afghan and international human rights law."

Humaira Rasuli, Executive Director
Medica Afghanistan
“She has a passion and enthusiasm for law, an ability to collaborate with different personalities and with authorities, a commitment to social justice, and a genuine understanding of the intersection between law and culture. In my view, she is the kind of lawyer that the world of today and the diverse realities of our time need.”

Dr Ziba Mir-Hosseini
Professional Research Associate
Centre for Islamic and Middle Eastern Law, School of Oriental and African Studies

Called 2016

Natasha Latiff the Founder and Legal Counsel at Strategic Advocacy for Human Rights (SAHR) which supports justice initiatives on gender violence in Central Asia, South Asia and Middle East.


She is also Founder and Legal Director of Women for Justice Organisation, (WJO), Afghanistan's first non-profit public interest law practice.

Natasha is also instructed by Medica Afghanistan and leads a team of lawyers on strategic impact litigation and advises on cases of rape, sexual violence, torture, virginity testing, murder and others.

International Human Rights Law

International Humanitarian law

International Criminal Law

Gender and Armed Conflict 

Islamic Law and Human Rights

International Law on Women's Rights 

Trained in the laws of United Kingdom and Singapore. 10 years experience in Afghanistan.


Familiar with family and penal laws of Pakistan, Bangladesh, India, Iran, Morocco, Tunisia.

Practice Areas

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Natasha Latiff is a human rights lawyer. She is instructed as Counsel and a Legal and Technical Advisor by NGOs. She advises on human rights issues and cases such as rape, sexual violence, political persecution, torture, virginity testing and murder. Over the last seven years, she has supported lawyers to represent victims of abuse from Afghanistan, Libya, Pakistan, Nigeria and Syria. She has submitted expert opinions in the courts of Switzerland, United Kingdom and United States. Her submissions are regularly used in the Afghan courts. 


Through her work, she has secured compensation for numerous clients; held government officials accountable; scores of women have been released from prison in Afghanistan; and families fleeing persecution have found refuge.


She has received several scholarships and fellowships for her work. The former Attorney General of the United Kingdom also recognized her contribution to pro bono work globally. She holds an LL.B. from the University of Warwick and an LL.M. with Distinction from the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London.



  • Leading a team of lawyers in Afghanistan to hold the State accountable for violations of clients' rights. ​

    • Advising on cases of rape, murder, torture, sexual harassment, virginity testing, adultery, forced prostitution and domestic violence.​

    • Assisting lawyers on petitions for protection orders, protective measures, and, assessment of damages in compensation claims.

  • Submitted expert legal opinions to courts in United Kingdom, United States and Switzerland, on the laws of Libya, Syria, Pakistan and Afghanistan  to protect clients from political persecution, sexual violence and unlawful deportation.


  • Advised lawyers on the prosecution of rape: on consent, over-reliance on forensic medical reports, use of sexual history evidence, requirement of resistance, and, on the prosecution of rape victims for adultery.

  • Assisted lead counsel on a torture case in East Asia involving a political detainee.

  • Curated strategies on prosecuting sexual violence committed as part of an armed conflict. ​​​​

  • Building into lawyers' practice a Quality Assurance System.

  • Developing a communications strategy for public interest litigation and advocacy.


  • Wrote arguments for lawyers to submit for reform of penal and anti-sexual harassment laws in Afghanistan.

  • Supported fact-finding and legal research on revenge porn for SAHR's India practice.​​


  • Curated landmark cases on women's rights from India, Pakistan and Bangladesh, CEDAW Committee, European Court of Human Rights, Inter-American Court of Human Rights and International Criminal Court.

  • Developed proposals for rule of law and legal aid programs.

Cases & Advisory


2016     Admitted as Advocate and Solicitor of  Supreme                     Court of Singapore 

2015     Bar Professional Training Course Part  B, Singapore               Institute of Legal Education, Awarded 1 Distinction

2014     Bar Professional Training Course Part A, Received                 from National University of Singapore 


2013     LL.M, School of Oriental and African Studies,                       University of London, Awarded Distinction


2009     LL.B, University of Warwick Awarded Upper                         Second  Honours


2016     Trust Women Scholar, Thomson Reuters Foundation,                U.K.


2016      Arthur C. Helton Fellowship, American Society of                    International Law, U.S.

2016      Human Rights Defender Scholar,  International                          Service for Human Rights, Geneva 


2013      Outstanding Pro Bono Project, School of Oriental                      and African Studies, University of London, U.K.

2010      Outstanding Individual Contribution to Pro Bono,                      Attorney General of the United Kingdom


2010      Research Fellowship, Lexis Nexis, Washington D.C. 


2010      Muslim Women Human Rights Leader, Karamah,                      Washington D.C. 


2009      Undergraduate Research Scholar, Warwick Law                        School, U.K. 

2009      Clinton Global Initiative University Scholar, U.S.


2008      Undergraduate Research Scholar, Warwick Law                        School, U.K. 


2008      Clinton Global Initiative University Scholar, U.S.


2006      International Scholar, Warwick Law  School, U.K. 

2004     Best Academic Performance, St                                                 Michaels' College, U.K.

2003     Youth Ambassador, UNIFEM, Singapore


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Past Work

  • Managed criminal, civil and commercial matters: business registrations, wrongful arrest and revocation of Interpol notices, Afghanistan Legal Services (2014)


  • Assisted lead counsel to represent individuals in personal injury and family cases, Clifford Law LLP (2014, 2015)


  • Authored legal opinions recommending the repeal of the defence of honour for men who commit honour killings, Afghanistan Penal Law Reform Committee, SAHR (2014)


  • Advised UN Women, Afghanistan government and civil society on the inclusion of survivor-centered civil remedies in the Afghanistan Criminal Procedure Code, SAHR (2014)​


  • Trained lawyers to argue cases in relation to child custody, women’s rights of divorce, domestic violence, forced confessions, rape, adultery and moral crimes, Medica Afghanistan & SAHR (2012, 2013)


  • Trained lawyers, paralegals and community leaders on gender-based violence in 6 provinces, Women and Children Legal Research Foundation (2012)


  • Amended the Afghanistan’s Land Management Law, Elimination of Violence Against Women Decree and draft Family Law, SAHR (2009, 2010, 2011)


  • Authored advisory opinions and papers on women’s land, inheritance and property rights, Women and Children Legal Research Foundation (2012)


  • Contributed to the National Strategy to uphold women's property rights, Women and Children Legal Research Foundation (2012)


  • Directed the first Afghanistan National Police ‘Anti-child Recruitment Campaign’ to delist Afghanistan from UN blacklist for involving children in armed conflict. Advised the U.S. Military, Ministry of Interior, UNICEF and NATO, Cetena Group (2011)


  • Panel Speaker at multiple conferences on human rights in Afghanistan, United States, United Kingdom and Singapore.

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