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Natasha Latiff, Singaporean, an international lawyer, is an expert on Gender Equality and Human Rights. She brings to the table 15 years of grassroots and high-level experience in policies and programming on ESG and human rights in a globalised economy. 


Professional Biography

Natasha has a diverse 15-year professional experience as a Legal Advisor on international ESG-related legal frameworks, guidelines and standards, covering compliance with a wide range of ESG related issues including gender equality, diversity and inclusion and human rights impact of businesses in a globalised economy.


She has advised and ran several ESG-related projects supported by the United Nations (UNICEF, UN Women, UNESCO), the European Union , US Agency for International Development (USAID), German Agency for International Cooperation (GIZ) and German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development Services (BMZ). She is also a part-time lecturer at the Nanyang Technology University of Singapore (NTU) on Ethics and Civics in a Multi-Cultural world.


Natasha has significant experience drafting ESG Policies and Strategies, advising organisations on effective risk management, compliance with ESG standards and due diligence obligations, establishing complaint procedures, handling ESG-related complaints, documenting of risks and impacts, and internal and external reporting of the same. She regularly conducts training on the above, and, has also reviewed and drafted key governance documents which impact ESG including Code of Ethics, Grievance Procedures, and Policies on ESG covering Governance, Safeguarding, Security, Gender, Sexual Harassment, Conflict of Interest, Whistle-blowers Protection amongst others.

Natasha is also the co-Founder of two award-winning organisations focused on gender-equality that have gained the recognition of leaders such as President Bill Clinton in 2008, and, former UK Attorney General of the United Kingdom in 2010.

Through her organisations, she has conducting fact-finding missions, advised governments on policies and mechanisms to prevent and redress human rights risks and impacts, led public consultation sessions, and supported redress and remedy for survivors and complainants. In 2023, she won the Southeast Asia Women of the Future Awards (WOF) for her work mentoring organisations and individuals on ESG matters.  


"Ms. Latiff has been at the forefront of fighting gender-based violence in Afghanistan, taking on highly complex cases whilst strengthening institutional accountability and response."
Nema Milaninia, Special Advisor to the U.S. Ambassador for Global Criminal Justice

"I have met young Singaporeans who started their own organisations in Singapore, and even a very rare few Singaporeans who did this in support of humanitarian or development issues overseas. Yet I have never met a Singaporean who has taken on such difficult and demanding human rights issues in such challenging external contexts as Natasha has done.“
Paul Broom, 
Director of Political Affairs

British High Commission Singapore

She has a passion and enthusiasm for law, an ability to collaborate with different personalities and with authorities, a commitment to social justice, and a genuine understanding of the intersection between law and culture. In my view, she is the kind of lawyer that the world of today and the diverse realities of our time need.” Dr Ziba Mir-Hosseini, Professional Research Associate Centre for Islamic and Middle Eastern Law, School of Oriental and African Studies


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